Error in simmechanics matlab "attached coordinate systems must be collocated"

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I am doing inverse dynamics in Matlab simmechanics in which position and orientation will be input to the end effector. But it shows error as below.
Error originates in Mechanical block rob33/Subsystem2/Subsystem1/Custom Joint. The coordinate systems attached to this joint must lie on the prismatic axis (for 1 axis) or in the plane of the prismatic axes (for 2 axes). If joint has no prismatic axes, the attached coordinate systems must be collocated, within tolerances.
Model is given below.
In subsystem1, I used custom joint to give orientaion input. Susystem1 model and custom joint block parameters is given below figure.
Parameters of link1-1 and parallel constaints is given in below figure.
I read these two answers but unable to understand.
How to solve this error?

Accepted Answer

Naseeb Gill
Naseeb Gill on 30 Mar 2017
I solved this problem by seeing below image from internet. This image explain the constraints in coordinate system in simulink.
R = revolute ; S = spherical; W = weld; P = prisimatic
As I have custom joint (in between ground and link 1-1) with R1R2R3 joints so body1 CS and body2 CS should coincident.
To do this, I copy CS3 of link1-1 and paste it into CS of ground.

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