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I have been using MATLAB Drive during the Tech Preview. How does the transition to version 1.0 impact me?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 8 May 2024 at 0:00
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 13 Aug 2021
The transition from Tech Preview to version 1.0 occurred on April 13th. There are several changes to MATLAB Drive associated with that transition:
Storage Quota
MATLAB Drive continues to be available to anyone with a MathWorks Account. To continue using 5 GB of storage, your MathWorks Account must be associated to a MATLAB license* current on Software Maintenance Service; otherwise, your storage quota will be 250 MB. Use the License Center if you need to associate an existing license.
If you reach or are above your storage quota, you won’t be able to create or edit files. To restore the ability to create and edit, you must first delete files.
You no longer need MATLAB to install MATLAB Drive Connector. Go to the MATLAB Drive page to install MATLAB Drive Connector v1.0.
Compatibility with MATLAB
MATLAB R2017a or later integrates with MATLAB Drive Connector. There is a MATLAB Drive button next to the address bar and a Current Folder browser right-click menu option. You need MATLAB Drive Connector v1.0 or later to enable these features. MATLAB Drive Connector will sync your files and provide notifications irrespective of MATLAB being installed on your computer.
If you continue to use the Tech Preview version of MATLAB Drive Connector with MATLAB R2017a, read this Answer .
New Features
  •  You can recover deleted files from MATLAB Drive online.
  •  MATLAB Drive Connector will auto-update when MathWorks releases new versions.
  •  The root storage location for MATLAB Online and MATLAB Mobile is /MATLAB Drive.
  •  There is a new look and feel to MATLAB Drive Connector and MATLAB Drive online, including a new MATLAB Drive product logo.
*Refer to the FAQ to see what license types qualify.

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