how to break the the simulation

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Kanakaiah Jakkula
Kanakaiah Jakkula on 14 Apr 2017
I have following cell array of list of names,I want to check if any different name consecitively appearse, then break the loop, and copy the rows corresponding those two consecutive names
Kham 4
Kham 7
Kham 8
Kham 2
Tpal 4
Raki 1
Hayi 5
Unk 7
my desired output is(two rows concatenate row wisw(side by side):
Kham 2 Tpal 4
if no different names appears consecutively, then just extract first two rows for example(I every time my input matrix is different):
Kham 4
Kham 7
Kham 8
Kham 2
in this my output should be: Kham 4 Kham 7
Thanks for the help in advance

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