Error using ' Transpose on ND array is not defined. Use PERMUTE instead.

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vani shree
vani shree on 21 Apr 2017
Commented: vani shree on 23 Apr 2017
sir when i run match.m in command window it is showing like this error. please help me sir. how to resolve this. errors are, Error using ' Transpose on ND array is not defined. Use PERMUTE instead.
Error in sift (line 38) fwrite(f, image', 'uint8');
Error in match (line 14) [im1, des1, loc1] = sift(image1);
if true
% % [image, descriptors, locs] = sift(imageFile)
% This function reads an image and returns its SIFT keypoints.
% Input parameters:
% imageFile: the file name for the image.
% Returned:
% image: the image array in double format
% descriptors: a K-by-128 matrix, where each row gives an invariant
% descriptor for one of the K keypoints. The descriptor is a vector
% of 128 values normalized to unit length.
% locs: K-by-4 matrix, in which each row has the 4 values for a
% keypoint location (row, column, scale, orientation). The
% orientation is in the range [-PI, PI] radians.
% Credits: Thanks for initial version of this program to D. Alvaro and
% J.J. Guerrero, Universidad de Zaragoza (modified by D. Lowe)
function [image, descriptors, locs] = sift(imageFile)
% Load image image = imread(imageFile);
% If you have the Image Processing Toolbox, you can uncomment the following % lines to allow input of color images, which will be converted to grayscale. % if isrgb(image) % image = rgb2gray(image); % end
[rows, cols] = size(image);
% Convert into PGM imagefile, readable by "keypoints" executable f = fopen('tmp.pgm', 'w'); if f == -1 error('Could not create file tmp.pgm.'); end fprintf(f, 'P5\n%d\n%d\n255\n', cols, rows); fwrite(f, image', 'uint8'); fclose(f);
% Call keypoints executable if isunix command = '!./sift '; else command = '!siftWin32 '; end command = [command ' <tmp.pgm >tmp.key']; eval(command);
% Open tmp.key and check its header g = fopen('tmp.key', 'r'); if g == -1 error('Could not open file tmp.key.'); end [header, count] = fscanf(g, '%d %d', [1 2]); if count ~= 2 error('Invalid keypoint file beginning.'); end num = header(1); len = header(2); if len ~= 128 error('Keypoint descriptor length invalid (should be 128).'); end
% Creates the two output matrices (use known size for efficiency) locs = double(zeros(num, 4)); descriptors = double(zeros(num, 128));
% Parse tmp.key for i = 1:num [vector, count] = fscanf(g, '%f %f %f %f', [1 4]); %row col scale ori if count ~= 4 error('Invalid keypoint file format'); end locs(i, :) = vector(1, :);
[descrip, count] = fscanf(g, '%d', [1 len]);
if (count ~= 128)
error('Invalid keypoint file value.');
% Normalize each input vector to unit length
descrip = descrip / sqrt(sum(descrip.^2));
descriptors(i, :) = descrip(1, :);
sir please help me sir. i have attached my coding here

Accepted Answer

James Tursa
James Tursa on 21 Apr 2017
Edited: James Tursa on 21 Apr 2017
Try changing this line
fwrite(f, image', 'uint8');
to this (transposes the first two dimensions)
fwrite(f, permute(image,[2 1 3]), 'uint8');
and see if that does what you want.
vani shree
vani shree on 23 Apr 2017
good morning sir. sir can you help me to run ASIFT algorithm? i have coding which i have downloaded from matlab website. but i dont know to run this? please help me sir. i have attached ASFIT coding folder. help me sir.

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