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How to compute AIC using Gaussian Mixture Regression?

Asked by Joaquim on 25 Apr 2017
Latest activity Answered by Abhishek Ballaney on 16 Feb 2018
Hello everybody, How can I manually compute the AIC for a Gaussian Mixture Model, with 2 predictor variables and one response variable. The data is approximated by 3 gaussians. I use this ( estimated values already calculated):
Can anybody tell me what is wrong? Kind regards Joaquim

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Your computation of RSS (Residual Sum of Squares) is incorrect. You could use something like:
res = realValues - estimatedValues
RSS = sum(res.^2)
Check the Residuals section under this link: Linear Regression

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1 Answer

Answer by Abhishek Ballaney on 16 Feb 2018


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