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Starting long code runs over MATLAB mobile?

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Max on 28 Mar 2012
I'm working with some MATLAB code that takes about 2-20+ hrs of CPU time to finish. It would be great to start these runs remotely using MATLAB mobile, but it times out before the evaluation is complete. Can one change the time out tolerance? Are there other work arounds?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 28 Mar 2012
If you have Parallel Computing Toolbox, you could submit the code as a batch job to the local scheduler, then get the results later.

Pradeep on 29 Mar 2012
Unfortunately, the time-out tolerance itself cannot be modified. Having said that, using MATLAB Mobile to remotely initiate large simulations and program is very valid use-case. I have forwarded this to our development teams for possible consideration in the future.


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