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Camera calibration VS Stereovision calibration

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soyoung shin
soyoung shin on 28 Apr 2017
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hello, I have a question regarding the Camera calibrator.
I want to use Sturecture from Motion(SfM) using two images.
Then, which calibrator should I use? Stereocamera calibrator? or just camera calibrator?
I arranged two cameras in parallel and captured a view at the same time.
What is the difference? If I use same TWO cameras(same model), I thought it would be okay to use both..
isn't it correct?

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Will Nitsch
Will Nitsch on 2 May 2017
I think that the information you are looking for is contained here in this example:
They use 2 images for structure from motion. In theirs, they use the non-stereo camera calibration app, but why not try both and see what happens? It may improve your results since you're using stereo cameras.

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