How to save point cloud data? (sfm)

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soyoung shin
soyoung shin on 10 May 2017
Commented: Yu Lan on 4 May 2020
I followed the guideline below and I got a 3D point cloud view.
My question is ' How to save this point cloud data?'. I want to use this point cloud to do a delaunay triangulation.
such as.. trisurf method.. I want to apply on the point cloud data.. please help me.. : )

Answers (1)

Harsh on 12 May 2017
Based on the example you referred to, the point cloud is an Object for storing a 3-D point cloud. For example the example uses this:
ptCloud = pointCloud(points3D, 'Color', color);
If you want to create a separate copy of a point cloud, you can use the MATLAB copy method. You can read more about this here under tips:
It does appear however, that you would like to save this data to use for further processing. For this, you can use the MATLAB "save" method that can be used to save specific variables to various file formats such as ".mat" or ".txt". For example, after the above line, you can use the following line to save the workspace variable to a mat file:
>> save('pointCloud.mat','ptCloud')
You can learn more about this here:
Yu Lan
Yu Lan on 4 May 2020
If I want to save the point cloud file as the .ply or .pcd, is it possible?

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