Changing the radius of the LTP feature extractor in this code

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Ive downloaded the following code for extracting the LTP of an image for classification. The code extracts the LTP code in a circle of radius 2.
% Local ternary patterns
function [high,low,ternary]=ltp_image(in,type,threshold)
% case 'P8R2' % 8 pixels in a circle of radius 2
% embed input matrix in a larger one, extending with zeros (trim a
% 2 pixel border off of the output matrices if you don't like this)
A = zeros(r,c);
A(r0,c0) = in;
% radius 2 interpolation coefficients for +-45 degree lines
alpha = 2-sqrt(2);
beta = 1-alpha;
% 8 directional derivative images
d0 = A(r0,c0-2) - in;
d2 = A(r0+2,c0) - in;
d4 = A(r0,c0+2) - in;
d6 = A(r0-2,c0) - in;
d1 = alpha*A(r0+1,c0-1) + beta*A(r0+2,c0-2) - in;
d3 = alpha*A(r0+1,c0+1) + beta*A(r0+2,c0+2) - in;
d5 = alpha*A(r0-1,c0+1) + beta*A(r0-2,c0+2) - in;
d7 = alpha*A(r0-1,c0-1) + beta*A(r0-2,c0-2) - in;
% pack derivative images into a single matrix, one per column,
% threshold and code to get output matrices
d = [d0(:),d1(:),d2(:),d3(:),d4(:),d5(:),d6(:),d7(:)];
code = 2.^(7:-1:0)';
high = reshape((d>=threshold)*code,rows,cols);
low = reshape((d<=-threshold)*code,rows,cols);
if nargout>2
code = 3.^(7:-1:0)';
ternary = reshape((d>=threshold)*code+(d<=-threshold)*2*code,rows,cols);
The function tales the input "type", which is unused as it is commented out.
I need to change the radius to 3,6,9 etc. and I cannot find the unedited code of this online. How would I change the radius in this code?
Thank you
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Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 19 May 2017
Hi Faraz,
Could you tell me where did you download this code from? I think the author of this code, will be in a better position to help you.

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