how do i load database in m file?

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Rya on 25 May 2017
Commented: Rya on 31 May 2017
how do i load database in m file? so that i could match value of variable with values stored in database field? A quick reply will be really appreciated. thank you

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 May 2017
You cannot meaningfully load an SQL database into a MATLAB session. What you can do is make queries against a database to retrieve the information stored there. For information about that, see
... However, it is questionable as to why you bothered to store your license plate related information in an SQL server, unless you have a lot of license plate information. containers.Map() would probably be sufficient for your purposes.
Rya on 31 May 2017
i dont have any file with csv extension, and what is tf, and idx?

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MathReallyWorks on 25 May 2017
Hello Rya,
Use this to load the database in your workspace:
1. Go to home
2. Click on Import Data
3. Select your file. (I'll suggest to keep data in excel sheet)
4. A window will appear
5. click on import selection and remember the names of variable(Use that variable name in code given below)
Now, use this code to check whether the particular number is present in database or not.
clear all
X = [1 323 2 44 3 66 77 88 2 1 2 3 34 56 78 5 7 4 44 28]; %Sample DataBase
%Remove above line and replace X by variable name of your database
b = input('enter the number you want to check:');
n = find(X==b);
A = isempty(X(n));
if A==1
disp('The number is not present in database');
disp('The number is present in database');

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