In "new" MATLABs, the marker in the plot is not precisely located.

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Dear all,
It seems that MATLAB updated the plot part since 2014. But I find some problems in the plot in these "new" MATLABs.
Problem 1, the circle is not an exact circle, but a polygon. Fortunately, this problem has been solved in the latest 2017a.
Problem 2, the marker is not precisely located at the data point. Attached are a simple test script and the results from 2013b, 2016a and 2017a. In the plot generated by 2016a and 2017a, if we look at the first point, the circles are not located at x=1 precisely. And this problem doesn't exit in the old 2013b.
Any thought and solution about this?
Huina Mao
Huina Mao on 1 Jun 2017
I think it is a bug from version 2014. I suggest you to contact mathworks directly.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 1 Jun 2017
Does the problem concern the display on the screen or the export to vector graphics? Perhaps this helps: .
Stephen23 on 1 Jun 2017
I agree with B Yin: the circles are offset to the left by about the width of a grid line. The earlier versions do not show this: the circles are centered.

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