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Is there any way to increase the density of curve samples?

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Dear fellows,
I have a plot of multiple curves and I want, if possible, to increase the density of these curves (increase the data). It looks like be some thing that uses fitting tool or interpolation tool but I was not able to find any. I appreciate your help.
Thanks in advance Aziz

Accepted Answer

Vandana Rajan
Vandana Rajan on 13 Jun 2017
Why don't you use the 'interp' function to interpolate the data and then plot it? Below is an example code snippet from the documentation.
t = 0:0.001:.029; % Time vector
x = sin(2*pi*30*t) + sin(2*pi*60*t); % Original Signal
y = interp(x,4); % Interpolated Signal
title('Original Signal');
title('Interpolated Signal');
Abdulaziz Abutunis
Abdulaziz Abutunis on 13 Jun 2017
Thank you Vandana, Actually I tried this method but the thing I wanted was to have a regular "plot" because I had many curves on the plot.
Thanks Aziz
Vandana Rajan
Vandana Rajan on 15 Jun 2017
In the same code snippet, if you change 'stem' to 'plot', you can see the effect of interpolation. The sharp edges on the curve (due to lack of data in between 2 points) becomes smooth as interpolation increases data samples in between them.

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