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Change simulink port location of signal after dragging block into "Create Subsystem"

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Often times when I create a subsystem from a group of Simulink blocks, the inport and outports have the signals entering into the top.
I cannot find a menu entry to change these ports so the signal enters from the side, like normal. The only solution I have found is deleting the block and putting in a new inport/outport.
Is there a way to change this characteristic? It isn't a lot of work but it can add up (deleting the port tends to change all my port numbering and I have to reconnect signals outside the subsystem.


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Accepted Answer

Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 19 Jun 2017
It's the same block; you just have to rotate it and resize it to make it look like a "fresh" block.
You can right-click the block and use the context menu to rotate and resize blocks.
- Sebastian


Dave Walter
Dave Walter on 20 Jun 2017
Ok, thanks. So between rotating and resizing it's about the same amount of work as deleting, inserting a new port, and reconnecting.
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 20 Jun 2017
Yeah, it is, but as you said it won't mess up your numbering.
What I usually do is use the shortcuts for rotating (Ctrl+R or Ctrl+Shift+R) and then select all the "messed up" ports, select a "good" one, and use the "match sizes" option, or whatever it's called. Makes things look better.

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