Simulink: Send Android Camera Video To Workspace

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Ian Liu
Ian Liu on 9 Jul 2017
Edited: Ian Liu on 16 Jul 2017
Hi, I am trying to write a function that can be run on my Android phone that will prompt for a video using the phone's camera and send it to the workspace to for analyzing. Is this possible? I just got the Simulink Support package, but am having a hard time understand how to get the Android blocks to work with the other blocks. Is it possible to have a function prompt my phone for a video?
Also, is there a way to save a video from an android phone to a file? Attaching the Camera block to the To Multimedia File block (attached image) just returns a black video.

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Shashank on 12 Jul 2017
Hi Ian,
Note: During simulations without hardware, this block outputs zeros. See Block Produces Zeros or Does Nothing in Simulation (Simulink).
This might be the issue that you are facing. Please check if you have configured your hardware properly and if the App is deployed properly.
- Shashank
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Ian Liu
Ian Liu on 16 Jul 2017
Edited: Ian Liu on 16 Jul 2017
So theoretically if I deploy the hardware correctly and all that, this block will return the video I take on my phone and allow me to process it?

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