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Multiple Conditions with if

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I am having some problems. I need to apply 4 conditions and find out in which category each element of the input matrix falls. I am attaching the data file and matlab code which I wrote. The output result of first row of X supposed to be [3 4 1 4]. When I am running the code, the result is showing 1 for all elements in X matrix. Can anybody help please?

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 19 Jul 2017
MATLAB does not evaluate compound relational expressions like you are expecting. E.g., these lines
if D(i,j)<y(i,j)<G(i,j)
elseif D(i,j)>y(i,j)>H(i,j)
need to be a combination of two separate relational expressions:
if D(i,j)<y(i,j) && y(i,j)<G(i,j)
elseif D(i,j)>y(i,j) && y(i,j)>H(i,j)
fuad sharaf
fuad sharaf on 18 May 2020
How had you solved the problem?

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