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How can I get coordinates from a grouping inside of a matrix.

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I have a matrix with 5 columns: atom number, mol_tag, then the x y and z coordinates. The mol_tag seperate the atoms into globules by sharing a common value, I need a matrix that will give three coordinates from each grouping of mol_tag so that I can calculate the normal vector to each of the mol_tag groupings. thank you!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jul 2017
mol_tags = YourMatrix(:,2)
unique_mol_tags = unique( mol_tags );
num_tags = length(unique_mol_tags);
mol_normals = zeros(num_tags, 3);
for K = 1 : num_tags
three_idx = find( mol_tags == unique_mol_tags(K), 3, 'first');
coords = YourMatrix(three_idx, 3:5);
this_normal = ..... something with the coords
mol_normals(K, :) = this_normal;
It is possible to code the coordinate finding part without any explicit loop, but I do not think the result would be any clearer, as it involves some advanced accumarray hacks.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Jul 2017
If by the "three coordinates from each grouping of mol_tag" you mean the mean x, y, and z over all rows with that mol_tag value, you can use grpstats() if you have the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox


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