how to extract value from .mat file

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J'ai un modèle Simulink où je récupère les valeurs d'une variable dans un fichier .mat en utilisant Tofile block.
J'ai créé un script pour pouvoir récupérer que la dernière valeur du fichier .mat donc j'ai utilisé la fonction load pour charger le fichier après je ne sais pas quelle fonction à utiliser pour pouvoir récupérer ma valeur.
Samah EL QASSAH on 11 Aug 2017
thank you KSSV for the translation. I didn't notice that I express in frensh.

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 14 Sep 2017
Hello Samah,
It's not entirely clear to me what you are looking for. If you have a MAT file that contains an array, and you want only the last element of the array, you could do something like this:
load myMatFile.mat myArrayName
val = myArrayName(end);
If using load, it is generally good practice to specify which variables are being loaded. This allows the code to be more readable by seeing where variables originate from.
You can also use the matfile function to access the data within the MAT file, without explicitly loading all variables. This only works for numeric data, and is most efficient if the MAT file was saved with the v7.3 setting or argument.
m = matfile('myMatFile.mat');
val = m.myArrayName(end);
Hope this helps!

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