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How to select the target matrix for ANN based wind prediction algorithm

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Kartik on 7 Sep 2017
Answered: Greg Heath on 7 Sep 2017
I want to make an ANN based model for predicting wind speed. So there i have to set an input matrix and a target matrix, Input matrix i suppose i have to select the feature matrix with each column representing a feature like current wind speed, humidity etc. But i don't know what should be the target matrix as i dont know the output wind speed as of now. So kindly help.

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Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 7 Sep 2017
1. Values for a single input or target are in a ROW of the corresponding matrix.
2. Supervised NNs learn from paired input/target examples. If you have no target data, the best you can do is cluster the input data into similarity clusters.
Hope this helps.
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