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how to detect the hair from the skin images.

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QUESTION 1.I want to detect the hairs from the images. I used the guassian kernal and the first order derivative of guassian. It is giving good results on some images but in some images, it is nor working at all. As you can see in the image, for first two images it is giving some results but in the third image, it is also detecting the region of interest. How to solve this problem. QUESTION 2. another question is in the binary image the hair detected are broken and there are some unnecessary details. how to remove the unnecessary details and connect the broken hairs. (I have used the morphological operations but it is not giving me the good results).
I will be really thankful if anyone can help me.

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Sep 2017
Have you searched for "dull razor", which some people use to remove hairs?
Nazia Hameed
Nazia Hameed on 1 Oct 2017
Ok thankyou so much Image Analyst.I Will try them and let you know. Really greatful. Stay blessed
Nazia Hameed
Nazia Hameed on 2 Oct 2017
I have somehow managed to detect the hair (although thin are not detected properly). I have posted another question regarding another kind of noise can you please look and guide me. Link to the question is below.

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