Append cell column to a matrix

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Bubblesjinx on 4 Oct 2017
Answered: Rik on 4 Oct 2017
I have a matrix AUC(3296x4) double, I need to append a cell column
condition = {'FaHPF','FaHPuF','FaHuPF','FaHuPuF','FaEPF','FaEPuF','FaEuPF','FaEuPuF','HoHPF','HoHPuF','HoHuPF','HoHuPuF','HoEPF','HoEPuF','HoEuPF','HoEuPuF'};
to this matrix AUC upto 16 rows and then repeat this same column after 16 rows. How can I do that?

Answers (1)

Rik on 4 Oct 2017
You can't. A possible workaround is converting the whole matrix to a cell matrix (for which you can use the num2cell function).


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