how to draw signal using different colour

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neamah al-naffakh
neamah al-naffakh on 4 Oct 2017
Answered: Katalin on 4 Oct 2017
Hi Guys
Please I have plot the follwing graph.
The graph includes three different signals (i.e. 1, 2, and 3) .
by the way this signal represent the data of the first column of the attached file (Plot_Data.csv)
I’m wondering if we can draw each signal part in different colour!!
For example, black colour for part 1, red colour for part 2, etc.
I have attached the data
Kind Regards.

Answers (1)

Katalin on 4 Oct 2017
A simple solution would be to plot the data always partially.
Assuming N1 and N2 are your breakpoints and Data first column is X data, and second column is Y data, you can fill in the rest.


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