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How can I call a matlab function using a php?

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I am trying to execute a matlab function using php but it is not executing. I am using the following command:
echo $command = "matlab -nojvm -nodesktop -nodisplay -r \"twoclassclassification('$photo_upload_path','$processed_photo_output_path');exit\"";
twoclassclassification is a MATLAB function.I have searched all the available answers but my problem is not solved. Please guide me how can I solve this problem. Plz, help me. I am following the following tutorial.

Answers (1)

Ankitha Kollegal Arjun
Ankitha Kollegal Arjun on 30 Oct 2017
Here are a few ways in which you can integrate MATLAB with PHP:
1. Bundle MATLAB code into a JAR component using MATLAB library compiler and this JAR can be called inside PHP using "exec" command of PHP. Please refer to the following link to read more on that:
PHP can run an exe, then can call a standalone deployed from MATLAB, or can run matlab.exe with the specific MATLAB command to run. Please refer to the following link to read more on that:
2. PHP can act as a COM client, then can call MATLAB using MATLAB COM Automation Server. It can also call a Compiler SDK COM component.Please refer to the following link to read more on that:
3. Can also use MPS (MATLAB Production Server) using RESTful API. More on this below:
Samreen Akhtar
Samreen Akhtar on 10 Apr 2018
I want to connect matlab code from php and then show the output of matlab function in web and perform imdistline by dragging and save the distance calculated through imdistline in database. Can you help me in this regard that how can i do it?
Haifaa  Nabeel
Haifaa Nabeel on 16 Apr 2019
I have the same problem ... I need to connect matlab code in php ... ?!!!!! Do you have any information ?!!! Please .. Help me

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