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do not show hidden file in current folder

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hossein on 15 Nov 2017
Answered: Martin on 28 Dec 2017
Hi Dear friends
I have a hidden file (make it hidden by windows), but it is shown in current folder part in matlab. Is there any way to hide the file to matlab either?

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mounika on 16 Nov 2017
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hossein on 17 Nov 2017
Edited: hossein on 17 Nov 2017
I have seen these topics before, but they are not useful. a code like:
fileattrib('D:/work/results','+h -w','','s')
just makes the file hidden for the windows but for the current window in matlab it is still shown. so is there any change to make the file hidden for matlab too?

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Martin on 28 Dec 2017
I have same problem, did you ever fix it ?


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