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question on tabbed plots.

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Pappu Murthy
Pappu Murthy on 29 Nov 2017
Commented: Pappu Murthy on 30 Nov 2017
i have three tabs in my figure... something like H1 = uitab(tgp,'Title','Micrograph'); H2 = uitab(tgp,'Title','Histograms'); H3 = uitab(tgp,'Title','Original_MG');
Is there a way to show the current tab automatically without user clicking on the tab. For e.g. I have plots in tabs H1, and H2. Now the open tab is say H1. Now i try to plot something in H3. it is hidden until the user clicks on table H3 titled "Original_MG'.

Accepted Answer

David Barry
David Barry on 29 Nov 2017
uitabgroup has a SelectedTab property which allows you to query the currently selected tab but also to change the currently selected tab. See doc
tgp.SelectedTab = H3;
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Pappu Murthy
Pappu Murthy on 30 Nov 2017
This solved my problem. Thanks for the help. Pappu Murthy

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