How to set the Model History information programmatically?

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The Model Properties > History tab allows you to uncheck "Read Only" and then make modifications to the "Created by" and "Last saved by" fields (as well as the others).
Programmatically, the following code should change the field,
set_param(sys, 'LastModifiedBy', 'Ada');
however this error is thrown:
How can these model parameters be changed? Is there a way to programmatically unset the "Read Only" flag?

Accepted Answer

Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 21 Feb 2018
I ended up contacting Matlab Support for this.
Some of these parameters are formatted based on another parameter. While the LastModifiedBy, LastModifiedDate , and ModelVersion parameters are read-only, you can change their values by changing their corresponding "format" parameters.
For instance, to change the name of who modified the model last, i.e, the LastModifiedBy parameter, you must modify ModifiedByFormat and save the model for the change to affect the LastModifiedBy parameter.
set_param(sys, 'ModifiedByFormat', 'Ada')
A summary of how to change all the values in the Model information section of the model properties is given in the table.
Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar
Hello Monika,
is there any way to set the model workspace programatically?
V. Ajay Krishna

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