how to remove shadow edge in matlab

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SHOBA MOHAN on 8 Jan 2018
Commented: Malhar Ashtaputre on 19 Jan 2018
I have applied adaptive thresholding method to remove the shadows. The edges are presented in the output though Shadows are removed. Can anyone suggest how to remove it? I am attaching input and output image for the kind reference.

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Malhar Ashtaputre
Malhar Ashtaputre on 8 Jan 2018
To remove the shadow, follow the process (flowchart process) in the paper below:
Malhar Ashtaputre
Malhar Ashtaputre on 19 Jan 2018
It is possible that you may not be able remove complete shadow out of the image as it is very dense shadow, I would suggest, to try with the method in link (It may work).
For removing the shadow in video, convert video into frames and then remove shadow from each image(Frame). After removing shadow, combine all frames to form the video.
Malhar MA

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