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how to plot two different data in one figure

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I would like to plot two different data in the same figure. For instance, first data is HH01OMC (1081 32) and second data is HH02OMC (1081 32), as well as I also have RxTime (1081 1). RxTime I want to plot on the x-axis and combined data of both stations (HH02OMC (1081 32) HH02OMC (1081 32)) on the y-axis. Please help me. For further explanation, please have a look at the figure below.
Thank you
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Jan on 14 Jan 2018
"first data is HH01OMC (1081 32)"? "combined data of both stations (HH02OMC (1081 32) HH02OMC (1081 32)) on the y-axis"? I do not see, why the shown figure helps to understand the question. Please give a small example for the input data and explain what "combined" mean.

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Harish Ramachandran
Harish Ramachandran on 18 Jan 2018
As Jan Simon pointed out, I kindly suggest you to provide more information regarding the input to the plot, your use case and supporting information as to why the figure helps to gain clarity. In the mean while, kindly refer to the links below in order to identify the path forward:

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