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Can we use MATLAB examples code with our own data

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Kartik on 31 Jan 2018
Edited: Jan on 31 Jan 2018
I came across a piece of code from MATLAB examples with the following line % Copyright 1994-2012 The MathWorks, Inc. which I found useful for my research. If I use the corresponding code with my own data, then can I use the results of the same in my research paper and how?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 31 Jan 2018
Edited: Jan on 31 Jan 2018
Even the code for the assignment operator "=" is copyrighted by MathWorks. Of course you can use the results obtained by this operator for a scientific publication. If you are correct, you mention in your paper, that the results have been obtained by Matlab RXYZ.
You are allowed to use high-level functions as ODE45 also to produce and publish results. But you are not allowed to publish the code of ODE45 or claim, that you have written it. It does not matter, if the code is part of the official toolboxes or of an example in the documentation.
If you have to publish the code you have used for the calculations, contact MathWorks directly and ask them explicitly. See the "Contact Us" link on this page.

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