How to replace a character using strrep

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I have below cell array(contain string of characters and double), I want to replace "/" with "*" if exsit "/" in the name. My matlab version is R2012b. I give me error when the name is numeric: Error is: Cell elements must be char.
Input: {'PV05K/THF05/34' '40';'5' 'PV05K/THH12';'TjK05K' 'ZV45E/FGF47';'2' 'ZV45E/FGF47';'ZV95G/FGGF' 'ZA77G/KKGGF'}

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Birdman on 2 Feb 2018
Edited: Birdman on 2 Feb 2018
regexprep or strrep will do it with only one line of code:
str={'PV05K/THF05/34' '40';'5' 'PV05K/THH12';'TjK05K' 'ZV45E/FGF47';'2' 'ZV45E/FGF47';'ZV95G/FGGF' 'ZA77G/KKGGF'}
Jan on 4 Feb 2018
@Kanakaiah Jakkula: Exactly. strrep works on cell strings only. Your example data contains strings only. If this is not the case in the real data, please post a meaningful example.

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