MATLAB GPU and Parallel Cumputing

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Paolo on 3 Feb 2018
Commented: Joss Knight on 6 Feb 2018
Hello, I would like to ask you a quick question about the usage of GPU in MATLAB. I have a third party library in java. The output that I need to get in matlab is a matrix where, each column of the matrix is a java.util.ArrayList The matrix could be quite huge thousands of columns. I can only loop trough each column to extract each ArrayList and put it into a MATLAB matrix as below
mlmat = zeros(n,m)
for i=1:m
mycol = java.util.ArrayList
mlmat(:,i) = cell2mat(cell(mycol.toArray));
Obviously in this way I need to spend a lot of time to transform the data into matlab matrix.
My question is: is it possible to improve this process by using GPU or parallel computing ?
Any suggestion is really appreciated thanks Paolo
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Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 6 Feb 2018
No, but that doesn't mean there isn't a better way to fill a matrix from an ArrayList. Maybe someone will have an idea, or will be able to give you some Java to do it.

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