how to read the image captured using camera in matlab

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I am working for number plate extraction and i tested the program for static image stored in matlab working folder. Now i want to test the program for the image captured using camera. How can i do it? Can anyone help me?

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Moritz on 5 Feb 2018
Edited: Moritz on 5 Feb 2018
I suggest working the Image Acquisition Toolbox (not it requires the Image Processing Toolbox). Have a look at the basic documentation: . Depending on your camera I suggest you start with the videoinput function.
Also you may to check out the App Image Acquisition under the App menu in MATLAB (also part of the Image Acquisition Toolbox). If you don't have it you can always download a 30 day trial (but not you cannot compile any programs done with a trial toolbox). Hope this helps!


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