problems while creating.exe file in matlab

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SHOBA MOHAN on 6 Feb 2018
Commented: SHOBA MOHAN on 11 Feb 2018
I want to create executable file for matlab files which can be run by system which dont have matlab software. In command prompt i typed deplotool from which i selected matlab complier i attached the main function and associated files. I got this error
<mkdir dir="C:\Users\Deepa\Documents\MATLAB\Recognition\for_redistribution" />
<mkdir dir="C:\Users\Deepa\Documents\MATLAB\Recognition\for_testing" />
mcc -C -o Recognition -W WinMain:Recognition -T link:exe -d C:\Users\Deepa\Documents\MATLAB\Recognition\for_testing -v C:\Users\Deepa\Documents\MATLAB\Recognition.m -a C:\Users\Deepa\Documents\MATLAB\Number_Plate_Extraction\create_templates.m
Test checkout of feature 'Compiler' failed.
mcc failed
Please provide your input for the successful creation of .exe file.
SHOBA MOHAN on 11 Feb 2018
I am using shared license Walter. Shall i try with borrowing license for matlab compiler. Suggest me is it really works to solve the problem?

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