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"Data type mismatch" error in Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors Simulink model

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Dear friends,
I am working with the Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors package for Simulink and trying to implement a certain type of control system. For this, I need to measure two currents and take the Clarke Transformation of them.
Inside this "Current Sensors" subsystem, I have this:
Just measuring two AC currents and removing the offset given by an external conditioning circuit. The "DTC" blocks (Data Type Conversion) are used a lot in my program, since some Texas Instruments blocks requires a certain type of data.
They are all set as "Inherit: Inherit via back propagation", so they will adequate the data type according to the next block. But it doesn't work in this section of the model... and I don't know why.
Basically, I got this error message:
Data type mismatch. The internal rule determines the output of 'TCC_CPU1/Clarke Transformation/Multiply by 2' to be a signal of data type 'sfix32_En16'. However, it is driving a signal of data type 'sfix32_En21'.
Why are the DTC block generating a "sfix32_En21" type, if the "Clarke Transformation" block requires a "sfix32_en16"? Checking the "Clarke Transformation" block, we got this:
It seems that the "DTC A" block is working properly, but the "DTC B" isn't. If I change manually the "DTC B" block from "Inherit: Inherit via back propagation" to "sfix32_En16", I got this error message:
Invalid setting in 'TCC_CPU1/Current Sensors/DTC B' for parameter 'OutDataTypeStr'.
Caused by:
Error evaluating parameter 'OutDataTypeStr' in 'TCC_CPU1/Current Sensors/DTC B'
Undefined function or variable 'sfix32_En16'.
Variable 'sfix32_En16' does not exist.
I am using another 5 "Data Type Conversion" blocks, and none of them give me problems. But this one, specifically, is giving me a headache.
Someone knows how to solve this?
Thank you, Gabriel
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Yaki on 7 Apr 2023
Where did you find the CLARKE transformation to be used with TI DSP's? We need AB/DQ blocks as well....did you install something in particular. We think we are all set, but this CLARKE block doesn't appears to us.
Thanks in advance.

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