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print out a matrix with a large size

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kingsley on 7 Feb 2018
Commented: kingsley on 8 Feb 2018
I have a matrix with a large size. How can I print it out as the form showed in the picture.
dpb on 7 Feb 2018
Just as F format with specific precision or including the graphics/typesetting?
The former is simple (well as simple as anything ever gets with the stupid C-language formatting string that doesn't allow for repeat counts, anyway)...
fmt=[repmat('%10.6f',1,size(TX,2)-1) '%10.6f\n'];
Have to fopen the file to have valid file handle, FID, first, of course, the fclose and NB: the transpose operator to output values by row; internal ML storage is column-major so would show up as the transpose in output if don't.

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