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mounika on 13 Feb 2018
Commented: mounika on 13 Feb 2018
Hello Everyone,
As a part of an application, I am reading my pdf file and converting them to binary:
fileID = fopen(filename); A = fread(fileID,'*char')'; fclose(fileID);
bin_text = de2bi(double(A)); % convert to binary
I modulate and demodulate this data and convert back to characters:
demod_data = char(bi2de(demod_re))';
fileID = fopen('Received_Data.txt','wt');
fprintf(fileID,'%s',demod_data); fclose(fileID);
which I was able to implement, the problem now is to convert back to a proper PDF to verify with the original.
Can anyone help me with this ?
mounika on 13 Feb 2018
That helps a lot to start with! Thank you so much Rik, will try this now

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