There's an error using input function in my computer , how do I solve it?

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Lorenne on 19 Mar 2018
Edited: Stephen on 19 Mar 2018
clear all;
close all;
name=input('Enter your name:','s')
surname=input('Enter your surname:','s')
location=input('Enter your current location:','s')
fprintf('My name is %s%6s and I am currently in %s\n',name,surname,location)

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Accepted Answer

Stephen on 19 Mar 2018
Edited: Stephen on 19 Mar 2018
The error message is telling you that you have a file named input: have a look at the second line of the error message: what does it say? Change the name of the file to something else.
Tip: always use which to check if a name is in use.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Mar 2018
print is a built-in function, so it is not a good idea to call your m-file print.m. Rename the file and see if that fixes it.


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