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Import text files from multiple folders

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Madison Lowe
Madison Lowe on 22 Mar 2018
Answered: Jan on 22 Mar 2018
I am trying to import data from multiple text files spread out between multiple folders. In this example of a previous question, what could I do to grab data from every file in each folder, rather than just one particular file?
% Path of the main folder : Rotation
yourpath = 'H:\Inspection ProjectData\rotation1';
% Get all the subfolders
ContentInFold = dir(yourpath);
SubFold = ContentInFold([ContentInFold.isdir]); % keep only the directories
% Loop on each folder
MyData = [];
for i = 3:length(SubFold) % start at 3 to skip . and ..
filetoread = fullfile(yourpath,SubFold(i).name,'fx.txt'); % <- this is the "fx.txt" file of the ith subfolders
% then type your code to read the text files and store in one variable
fileID = fopen(filetoread);
MyData{end+1} = textscan(fileID,'%s\n'); % the format depends of your files
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Jan on 22 Mar 2018
How are the files recognize, which you want to process? Do all files have the same name?

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Answers (1)

Jan on 22 Mar 2018
If all files are called "fx.txt" and you are using a Matlab version >= R2016b:
FileList = fullfile(yourpath, '**', 'fx.txt');
for iFile = 1:numel(FileList)
filetoread = fullfile(FileList(iFile).folder, FileList(iFile).name);
Note: It is not documented, that '.' and '..' are the first two folders replied by dir. This might change with the operating system and file system. Prefer a ismember(Name, {'.', '..'}.

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