Change Precision of numbers when saving in csvwrite

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I want to save some data that has one data line which is quite long (e.g.: Data = [12345678, -3.53, 1.52, -0.23; 12345679, -1.43, 6.12, 8.12; 12345680, -0.01, -5.12, -6.13; ...]). I really need the precision of the last digit, but when I use csvwrite the number is cut to 12,345,700. after some searching I found following solution:
csvwrite(FileName, Data, 'precision', '%i')
and it worked at first, but for some reason it stoped working now, which is very confusing to me.
Every time it just gives me an:
Error using csvwrite (line 47)
Invalid attribute tag: ,.
Is there maybe another way I can do it?
Katy Weihrich
Katy Weihrich on 26 Mar 2018
I tried some different versions with csvwrite and dlmwrite:
dlmwrite(YourFileName, A, 'delimeter', ',', 'precision', '%i')
csvwrite(YourFileName, A, 'delimeter', ',', 'precision', '%i')
dlmwrite(YourFileName, A, 'precision', '%i')
csvwrite(YourFileName, A, 'precision', '%i')
the first gives me an "Error using dlmwrite (line 104). Invalid attribute tag: delimeter.", the secound an "Error using csvwrite. Too many input arguments.", the third a "Error using dlmwrite (line 116). Cannot open file " and the last a "Error using csvwrite (line 47). Invalid attribute tag: ,." I also tried replacing the '%i' with numbers, but it did not change anything. When I only use csvwrite(YourFileName, A) or dlmwrite(YourFileName, A) i get an "cannot open file" error as well.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Mar 2018
You are passing 'precision' as your row value, and '%i' as your column value to csvwrite(). csvwrite() then thinks it is passing those to dlmwrite(). dlmwrite() is noticing that they are named options for the purposes of dlmwrite() and is parsing them.
However, there is a bug in current dlmwrite in that if any of the named options are provided then the positional options are not recognized. This is contrary to the dlmwrite documentation and I will file a bug report about that.
I will not, however, file a bug report about csvwrite() because you are misusing it. You should not be using csvwrite() for your purposes. You should be calling dlmwrite() instead
dlmwrite(YourFileName, Data, 'delimeter', ',', 'precision', '%i')
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Mar 2018
dlmwrite(YourFileName, Data, 'delimiter', ',', 'precision', '%i')

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