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Remplaced battery with supercapacitors

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said belhadj
said belhadj on 4 Apr 2018
Answered: Qian Xun on 14 Jul 2019
Hi, i have a simulink model from matlab 2016a. I like to remplaced battery from a bloc of supercapacitors. I need help. Thanks.

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said belhadj
said belhadj on 5 Apr 2018
I have modeling pmsm and his converter . It is alimented from fuel cell. The fc is connected with dc-dc converter . I need connected the sc directely with dc dc bus. My problem is the parameters of sc. Cordialy.

Qian Xun
Qian Xun on 14 Jul 2019
Have you solved your problems? I could help since I will do the same thing as you. I would prefer to discuss with you if you wish, my email is

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