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Calculating Probability of a data

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Curious Mind
Curious Mind on 7 May 2018
Edited: Pawel Jastrzebski on 8 May 2018
Hello friends, I have two data, dataA (26*1 double) and dataB (90*1 double). I want to calculate the probabilities of each each row in dataA in dataB. So its like this, take row1 in dataA and computes its probability in dataB also take row2 in dataA and computes its probability in dataB and so on until all the 26 rows in dataA has been used. Any matlab code to help me do this? Thank you.

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Pawel Jastrzebski
Pawel Jastrzebski on 8 May 2018
I'm not sure your questions is clearly defined.
In simple terms:
  • if you have all of the 26 values from A in B,
  • and there are no repeats in A
  • and each value from A occurs only once in B
Then your probability is 1/90.
But as you can see, in this simple case at least 3 conditions must be met.
  • Can you share your data?
  • Is your data one-off or it's going to be a different set of 26 and 90 values every time you conduct an experiment?
  • Can broadly tell what is your data representing and what you are aiming to achieve? A bit of context always help to come up with the solution adequate for the problem.

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