file not found in current directory

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craq on 21 May 2018
Commented: craq on 25 Jul 2018
This sounds very similar to other entries in this forum and elsewhere e.g.
But a little different, and those answers don't help me. When I got this message the first time, I realised I had forgotten to copy a file across from a neighbouring folder. (I would hardlink if windows allowed that on network drives, or softlink if matlab could follow windows' softlinks... but I digress.) Even after copying the file, I still get the file not found message. Weirdly, 'edit my_function.m' works!
>> my_function
'my_function' is not found in the current folder or on
the MATLAB path, but exists in:
Change the MATLAB current folder or add its folder to the MATLAB
>> exist('my_function')
ans =
>> which -all my_function.m
'my_function.m' not found.
>> edit my_function.m
>> ls
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 May 2018
I ask because I think the post you made has been altered. For example, I doubt that you really have a folder called "H:\path\to\nearby_folder" -- maybe you do have a folder with that exact name, but it seems like a strange folder name to have so that's why I think some things were altered and not a clean unmodified copy and paste from your command window. Again, what is the current folder?
craq on 21 May 2018
Edited: craq on 21 May 2018
Yes, I altered the folder name and file names for privacy. But the function m-file is in the cwd, so the path shouldn't really matter. It is not in matlabroot.

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 21 May 2018
Hello Chris,
By default, MATLAB will cache functions and files for faster finding and executing of them. Generally files newly added to folders will be found properly, but sometimes it needs to be told to rehash before it will detect the new file. That it finds the file with edit and ls likely has more to do with those commands using a different system for finding files than the execution engine.
If rehash doesn't do it for you, try rehash toolboxcache just to be sure. Restarting MATLAB is something of the nuclear option here, but should work in almost all cases.
Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 19 Jul 2018
Thanks for the update. The toolboxcache should only matter if the folder you're changing the files is within the MATLAB installation or local preferences directory. If you are changing files outside of that, and you are seeing rehash by itself failing to affect it reproducibly and consistently, please contact tech support with the reproduction steps.
craq on 25 Jul 2018
The first time was outside the matlab installation and outside the preferences directory. The second time I didn't record the directory I was in. It has only happened twice so far, so it's hard to talk about "reproducibility". If it happens again and I notice anything, I will contact tech support.

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