how to make a variable execute only once ?

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Hello I have a viable t I want it to be 0 only for once then I need to increment it by 1 each time when I do this
it is always = 1 ; I have also used "persistent" but I got an error "The PERSISTENT declaration must be in a function " does anyone knows how to do this ?
thank you
Reema Alhassan
Reema Alhassan on 12 Jun 2018
I need to make a string every time I run the code for example the first time Reema0 then Reema1 then Reema2 and so on and yes I'm using a script

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 12 Jun 2018
Edited: Jan on 12 Jun 2018
If you need a persistent variable, it is required to store the code in a function. To be exact, at least the persistent variable must be contained in a function:
function C = YourCounter
persistent CP
if isempty(CP)
CP = 0;
CP = CP + 1;
C = CP;
Now the counter is increased with each call:
str = sprintf('Hello %d', YourCounter)
str = sprintf('Hello %d', YourCounter)
str = sprintf('Hello %d', YourCounter)
You can reset it by:
clear YourCounter
I suggest to write the complete code as a function, because polluting the workspaces is prone to bugs and hard to maintain.
Note: As soon as you have a brute clear all anywhere in your code, the persistent variable is killed also. So stay away from clear all.

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OCDER on 12 Jun 2018
Or you could make a class of type handle that stores the value of t. Every time you summon the method getStr, it'll return the "ReemaN" string AND THEN update N by 1.
%Save the following code as: MakeName.m
classdef MakeName < handle
properties (Access = public)
t = 0;
function incr(obj)
obj.t = obj.t + 1;
function decr(obj)
obj.t = obj.t - 1;
function reset(obj)
obj.t = 0;
function S = getStr(obj)
S = sprintf('Reema%d', obj.t);
To see how to use this object called MakeName, try the following:
A = MakeName;
A.getStr %Reema0
A.getStr %Reema1
A.getStr %Reema2
A.reset %reset value of t to 0. Same as A.t = 0;
A.getStr %Reema0
A.t = 10; %set value of t to 10.
A.getStr %Reema10

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