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How show/plot data from struct

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Agnes Palit
Agnes Palit on 14 Jul 2018
Edited: Agnes Palit on 16 Jul 2018
I am trying to show data, by using this code:
n = length(patient_1_e.patient_1);
for i = 1:n
if (contains(patient_1_e.patient_1(i).Name, 'SM_dayOverview_day') == 1)
% put the field data inside the new variable
process(i).Name = patient_1_e.patient_1(i).Name;
process(i).Data = patient_1_e.patient_1(i).Data;
if isempty(process(i).Name) ~= 1
process(i).Data{:,1} = datetime(process(i).Data{:,1}, 'InputFormat' ,'dd-MMM yyyy');
% plot (process(i).Data{:,1}, process(i).Data{:,11});
But I got this error:
Error using datetime (line 616)
Unable to parse date/time text using the format 'dd-MMM yyyy'. If the date/time text contain day, month, or time zone
names in a language foreign to the 'en_US' locale, those might not be recognized. You can specify a different locale
using the 'Locale' parameter.
Error in Main (line 39) process(i).Data{:,1} = datetime(process(i).Data{:,1}, 'InputFormat' ,'dd-MMM yyyy');
this is the content of the data "patient_1_e.patient_1(1).Data":
Any idea how to solve this?
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dpb on 14 Jul 2018
Attach a .mat file with a small(ish) subset of the's not evident to me where the error is from just scanning the code but w/o the actual data structure it's tough. One would guess one could avoid the looops and all, but need to see the actual structure.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 Jul 2018
Your Data{:,1} is 'Wed', which is not in the input format 'dd-MMM yyyy'
I showed you how to input these dates in your previous Question, and I am waiting for your response to what I asked in

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