Using Ground Truth Labeler App to label pixel (or polygon) regions

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I would like to use the Ground Truth Labeler App to create labels for semantic segmentation. That means I need arbitrary shaped regions, so my label type is 'Pixel Label'.
Unfortunately, the existing PointTracker algorithm only tracks rectangular bounding boxes. I have developed my own script which will track an arbitrary shaped polygon, and have formatted it similarly to the class. But, when I import this algorithm to the Ground Truth Labeler App, the pixel labels are still greyed out, and I can only select rectangular labels to track. I have modified this function:
function isValid = checkLabelDefinition(~, labelDef)
% Only Pixel label definitions are valid for the
% Pixel_PointTracker.
isValid = labelDef.Type==labelType.PixelLabel;
What else do I need to do?
While I am testing my new function, I am not sure if modifications are being picked up by the Ground Truth Labeler App. For example, I have modified the description in the comments at the top of the class, but the text in the drop-down menu stays the same, even after refreshing. Is there a way to remove an algorithm from the list, so that I can be sure it is really refreshing?
Anand on 18 Aug 2018
Can you provide more details about the new function you created?
  1. What is the name of the class that you created, based on the vision.labeler.PointTracker class?
  2. Where is the newly created class saved?
  3. Can you provide a screenshot of the algorithm dropdown list?
craq on 22 Aug 2018
My new function doesn't work with the Ground Truth Labeler App. My understanding is that the inner workings of this app only support tracking of rectangle ROIs. I created a completely different function which loads frames of a video, allows a user to select regions to track, and then tracks them from one frame to the next. The new function has a custom name and is saved on my hard drive. It is not available for other Matlab users at this time.

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