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Can I median filter an image that is already noised with salt and pepper?

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I want to imread and median filter an image which I downloaded and has already been added with salt and pepper from its source, not that I'm the one to add the noise myself and later remove it. Is this possible?
I tried the procedure explained in other pages by Imageanalyst by splitting the RGB channels and filter them individually before reconstructing them back using cat3. However, I still got back the noisy image without been filtered. I noticed that he added the noise himself in the code, his image wasn't originally and initially noised with salt and pepper which leads me to raising this question

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Jul 2018
Then just skip the part where I created a noisy image and just start using your own. Attach your code if you still need help.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 31 Jul 2018
The imnoise() function gives true salt and pepper noise, as I thought.
Here is the problem, from your comments: "the generated noisy image of figure 2 is then saved as a jpg file from the plotted figure".
NEVER save an image in JPG format. It is a lossy compression format. Doing this changed the values from their pure 0 and 255 to something else. Again, do not use JPG format for image analysis. I, and I think much/most of the world, now uses PNG which is a lossless format. Use that and you will get the expected results just like I did in my demo.
Ayobami Meadows
Ayobami Meadows on 2 Aug 2018
Thanks Image Analyst. You absolutely solved my problem with your understandable explanations!

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