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Why doesn't heatmap use the default font?

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O.Hubert on 6 Aug 2018
Commented: Adam on 6 Aug 2018
I would like to change the font in the axes of my heatmap. I provide a MWE below. I would like the Y-axis and the X-axis to be of the same font as the default and I don't want to manually change that for every plot as that would kill the idea of having a default fontname.
I am using MATLAB R2016a, so inserting 'FontName','Latin Modern Roman' in the heatmap function will not work.
Thank you in advance, Olivier.
% Minimum (Non)-Working Example
% Set default depending on your MATLAB version
set(0, 'DefaultAxesFontName', 'Latin Modern Roman');
set(0, 'defaultAxesFontName', 'Latin Modern Roman');
% Generate the heatmap
figure('Name','Distance Matrix');heatmap(random_matrix, Country, Country, [], ...
'TickAngle', 45,'ShowAllTicks', true,'Colormap', 'gray','Colorbar', true,'ColorLevels',50);
title(['Distance Matrix']); % title is changed according to new default, but not the rest of the heatmap
% Option suggested in
fig = gcf;
set( findall(fig, 'property', 'FontName'), 'FontName', 'Latin Modern Roman') % Not working
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Adam on 6 Aug 2018
h = heatmap( ... );
h.FontName = '...';
seems to work for me, although it seems to do some odd things to the font colour too in some cases (e.g. setting to Courier).

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