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Expand row height in Latex table in textbox annotation

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Brian Scannell
Brian Scannell on 8 Aug 2018
Commented: Rémy Bretin on 14 Jan 2021
Further to the very helpful answer to the question "How do I create a LaTeX table In a MATLAB text box?", is there a way to increase the row height?
I tried amending the previous example with the addition of \renewcommand{\arraystretch}{2} as follows:
cs = '\begin{tabular}{lll} \renewcommand{\arraystretch}{2} Chicago&U.S.A.&1893\\ Z\"{u}rich&Switzerland&1897\\ Paris&France&1900\\ Heidelberg&Germany&1904\\ Rome&Italy&1908 \end{tabular}';
ha = annotation('textbox',[0.5 0.5 0.4 0.2], 'Interpreter', 'latex', 'EdgeColor','none');
set(ha, 'String', cs);
but this made no difference.
Any suggestions?


Rémy Bretin
Rémy Bretin on 13 Jan 2021
Have you found a solution ? I'm interested to know :)
Brian Scannell
Brian Scannell on 13 Jan 2021
Hi Rémy - a workaround that was ok from my persepective was to add in dummy rows, so at the start of each row I included
\rule{0pt}{14pt} \\[-1.25em]
followed by the content of the table row. I kept the row spacing identical, but I guess one could vary it by changing the value in the square brackets.
It is quite a while ago that I did this, so I had to go back to my code to find what I did. It is quite complicated as I basically construct a cell array that reflects the table and then extract the array contents into a very long string as the annotation text. However, for the row spacing I think this is the key element.
I hope that helps.
Rémy Bretin
Rémy Bretin on 14 Jan 2021
Well, not exactly, but that gives me an idea for possible solution.
I would like to reduce the columns width.
I tried by changing "\begin{tabular}{lll}" by "\begin{tabular}{l{1cm}l{1cm}l{1cm}}" but this is not a "valid interpreter syntax".
Anyway, thank you for your amswer.
Have a gread day.

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