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Can i reproduce someone's idea with my own data for a research paper

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Kartik on 11 Aug 2018
Closed: Jan on 11 Aug 2018
I am writing a research paper. I am referring to a paper for my study which has utilized a solar resource for forecasting. I want to reproduce the same paper using a wind dataset but using the same idea and equations which were discussed by the author and getting my results which are different from the author. Will this count as plagiarism and if I want to avoid this what steps should I follow for the same in my research paper.
jonas on 11 Aug 2018
...reproduce the same paper...
Just dont use the reference paper as a template for your own, i.e. same method, results, conclusions, figures but other data. This may not technically qualify as plagiarism granted that you cite property, however it could be difficult to get through the review process. Degree of novelty is often the difference between reject/accept

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