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How can I calculate percentage of Euclidean distance?

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I use this code to find the similarities between features by the Euclidean distance.
function D= E_distance(n1, n2)
D = sqrt(sum((n1 - n2) .^ 2));
It will give me the distance between features, but I want to get the percentage where I can compare it to the threshold, how can I get it?

Accepted Answer

OCDER on 15 Aug 2018
Edited: OCDER on 16 Aug 2018
Assuming you want similarity % as explained here, alter the equation as such :
function S = E_similarity(n1, n2)
S = 1/(1+sqrt(sum((n1 - n2) .^ 2)));
If S == 1 (or distance is 0), then two points are the same
If S == 0 (or distance goes to infinite), then two points are very different
To use a cutoff of similarity, for instance 0.80, then you would so this
SimCutoff = 0.8;
if E_Similarity(n1, n2) <= SimCutoff
disp('Exceed cutoff. Not similar enough')
disp('Similar enough')

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