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You cannot set the 'ErrorHandler' property of FrameReade​rMessageHa​ndler.

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Rashedur Rahman
Rashedur Rahman on 22 Aug 2018
Answered: Vishal Bhutani on 30 Aug 2018
What is wrong here? I did not understand the error. I have attached the code and error message.

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Vishal Bhutani
Vishal Bhutani on 30 Aug 2018
Based on my understanding, you want to get the number of frames by using property NumberOfFrames. As this is property is depreciated from MATLAB 2015b. You can try another work around like:
vidFile = '20180720_1505.avi';
vid = VideoReader(vidFile);
numFrames = ceil(vid.FrameRate*vid.Duration);

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